Disclosure Policy

Our lovely friends at the Federal Trade Commission require bloggers to disclose their relationships with product manufacturers and service providers. Here is what you need to know about AFP’s relationship with them.

Some of the products I review on this website, I have purchased, borrowed, or rented; however, some of the products were given to me in the hope that I will review them.

My promise to you is that no matter how I end up with the item in my possession, I will to the best of my ability, provide an honest and fair critique of the item.

You, as the reader, are free to believe me or not. My hope is that you will stick around and over time come to realize that I am genuine and trustworthy.

Another way that I make money on this blog is through affiliate programs. Some of the links on this blog, including the AFP Store contain affiliate tracking information where I may be compensated monetarily if you purchase products from those sites.

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