Choosing the Right Airport

I’ve previously written about shopping around for the right airport.  I would like to revisit that topic by listing some things to look for when choosing an airport.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will provide you with some things to think about before choosing which airport to fly from.


  • Aircraft rental
  • Hangar rental
  • Fuel


  • Distance from you
  • Accessibility of aircraft

Pilot Community

  • Available to meet
  • Willing to give advice
  • Willing to share experiences


  • Aircraft rental
  • Hangar rental
  • Fuel


  • Size
  • Obstructions
  • Upkeep
  • Approaches
  • Lights

Obviously not all of the above will apply to you.  If you do not own an airplane, hangar rental and fuel can be ignored.  Likeweise, if you own an airplane, and have no intentions of renting one, the price of the rental will not be a factor.

If you are a student pilot or looking to become a student pilot, you should also add the flight instructor as criteria.  The person that you are learning from is quite possibly the most important factor in making your training successful, and helping you to become a pilot.

Hopefully this list will help you to choose an airport that will provide you with the type of flying you wish to do.  I wish I would have used this list instead of just flying out of the most convenient airport.  If I had, I would have switched to my current airport long ago.

If you have anything that should be considered, leave a comment below.

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