Selling my Cessna 150 – It Was Like Losing a Family Member

When people tell me that their pets are like part of the family, it takes everything I have not to scoff at them.  I have had numerous pets, mostly cats and dogs, in my life, and I have never had such an attachment as to consider them part of the family.  As strange as it may sound, after having sold my airplane I think I now know how they feel.

Watching someone else take off and fly away in my airplane was enough to bring a tear to my eye.  I wanted to run after it while it was taxiing prior to takeoff.  I contemplated running onto the runway, jumping, and grabbing the landing gear just as it took off.  Luckily common sense prevailed, so I’m still alive today and with my freedom as well.

Selling my Cessna 150 was definitely the right thing to do.  My wife and I were starting a family, paying off student loans, remodeling a house, and saving for a new house.  We were at a time in our lives where we had to really buckle down, and that meant selling the airplane and severely cutting back on expenses… even flying.

Two children and a span of 4 years without flying later we definitely made the right decision.  Not only did the money from the sale and extra cash flow help, but as a family of 4, the 150 just wasn’t going to be big enough.

From time to time I look up its N-Number just to make sure it is still safe.  The last time I checked, it was living in Kentucky.  Since that isn’t too far I contemplated calling the new owner to see if I could fly down and see it one more time.  Alas, the pain of our separation is still too great.  I decided I didn’t want to have to relive the pain of leaving “my” airplane behind when it was time to leave.

One of the things that has always helped me deal with the loss of a pet, and probably the biggest reason I don’t consider them part of the family, is that after they are gone, they are replaced.  Sure my long time companion might be gone when fido passes away, but that sadness is replaced by the joy of a new puppy.

Not only was I not able to replace my airplane after selling it, but I don’t see a new airplane in my near future.  We are still remodeling the current house and saving for a new one.  Maybe in another 5 years when we hope to buy or build our new house, we’ll be able to review our budget and save for a replacement airplane.  That is my hope for now at least.

In the meantime, I’ll continue renting a Cessna 172, and dreaming of the day we can welcome a new (to us) airplane into our family.

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