Dwindling pilot population – The Series

The pilot population has been dwindling for a number of years. This 10 part series is intended to be a look at why that is the case as well as giving a few potential solutions to the problems.

We will look at some explanations for why the number of pilots is decreasing from a flying as a hobby perspective. I firmly believe that if we make flying as a hobby more attractive and attainable the number of pilots will go up. Some of these extra pilots will surely go on to become commercial pilots as well.

In addition to looking at why the pilot population is decreasing we will also look at what we can do to help the situation. Some of my solutions are out of reach for most pilots, but other solutions show that every pilot can make a difference.

Obviously I haven’t hit on the ultimate solution to the dwindling pilot population. This is meant as a way to get every pilot thinking about the issue, and hopefully find some ways to start reversing the trend one pilot at a time.

Each part of the series will be listed below and linked to as they are posted.

What are your thoughts for some of the reasons that the pilot population is shrinking?

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