Dwindling Pilot Population – Inspirational Methods

** This is part 3 of a 10 part series on the dwindling pilot population.

Prior in Series: The Waning Interest

In the last post in this series I mentioned that one reason for the dwindling pilot population is waning interest. So now we will look at some ways to inspire people to keep that interest building.

One big thing pilots can do is donate to their public and school libraries. Buy some aviation books or some training videos, and donate them. I’ve been doing just this at some of my local libraries. Most children in school are not going to read about becoming or being a pilot if the book is not in either their school library or their local public library.

I personally hate Microsoft, but that doesn’t stop me from buying people Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a kid I used to love playing combat simulators that had me flying different fighters from WWII. Computer games are a great way to get people interested in aviation.

Purchase RC airplanes as gifts. The price of remote controlled airplanes has dropped dramatically since I was a kid. Now there is really no excuse for not buying them as gifts for nieces, nephews, your own children, or even your friends’ children. Just clear it with the parents first. If you aren’t sure if they would like that as a gift, buy yourself one and fly it around them sometime to see if they are interested.

Take people to airshows or pylon races. Even some smaller airports put on great airshows throughout the year. use to find out when one will be in your area and get as many people to go as you can. Watching pilots get the maximum performance out of their aircraft is sure to inspire many people to be more interested in flying.

While all of the above are great ways to help inspire people to want to become a pilot, nothing works as well as taking them flying. There is one more pilot in this world exactly because I took him flying. There could be more since I don’t regularly talk to many people I have taken flying, but I have had one person come up to me and tell me they are a pilot because I took them flying.

See if you can get your local newspaper to follow a student pilot all the way through their training. I think many people would find that interesting, and surely a few people will be inspired enough to start training as well.

If you have the resources, create a documentary. You won’t get rich off of it, but creating a documentary of getting a pilot license would be sure to attract the attention of many people thinking about getting a pilot license, but who just are not sure what it is all about.

Those are some of my ideas for inspiring people to get a pilot license. Many people already have a fascination about flight. All we need to do is help feed that fascination so they are more likely to take the next step and start their training.

What are your thoughts for inspiring people to become pilots?

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