Win an Airplane

If you dream of owning an airplane, but cannot afford to buy one, try winning one instead. Your odds might not be the greatest, but chances for some of these airplanes, don’t really cost much.

Perhaps the most well known airplane sweepstakes is the airplane given away by AOPA every year. All you need to do to enter is either become a new member or renew your membership. You can also get additional entries by signing up for auto-renewal, becoming a life member, etc. If you aren’t yet a member of AOPA, you really should consider it. In addition to the sweepstakes airplane, you also get a choice between two pretty good magazines.

EAA Airventure
Not to be outdone, EAA also has a sweepstakes airplane. Instead of tying the airplane sweepstakes to their membership, to win the EAA airplane, you donate money to the EAA sweepstakes. That money is then used to support numerous EAA programs.

Pilot Mag
If you want a magazine without the membership, but still want a chance to win an airplane, you need to check out Pilot Mag. This airplane sweepstakes is raffling off an airplane for just purchasing a one year subscription. Like AOPA there are additional things you can do to increase your odds as well.

One of the simplest ways to attempt to win an airplane is simply making your aviation related purchases from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. All orders give you one chance to win an airplane. If you are going to make the purchase anyway, why not do it through Sporty’s and try to win an airplane in the process?

Flight of the Phoenix Aviation Museum
The Flight of the Phoenix Aviation Museum is raffling off an airplane to help raise funds. Each ticket in the airplane raffle costs $50, but since only 1,100 tickets are being sold, your odds are better than any other sweepstakes airplane. Even if you don’t win, at least your money is going to a good cause.

1940 Museum
Not to be outdone, the 1940 Museum is also raffling off an airplane. Each ticket also costs $50, but for this raffle up to 2,500 tickets will be sold. Still your odds aren’t too bad, and your money is going to help the museum maintain our aviation history.

Faith Christian Church
I’m not sure what it is about Texas, but even a church in Texas is raffling off an airplane. Again the cost is $50 and proceeds support the Faith Christian Church Building Fund.

If you know of any airplane sweepstakes not listed here, let me know and I’ll be sure to add them. I love to know all the places I can attempt to win an airplane. If nothing else, at least we can dream of plane ownership.


The Liscombe Endowment (Gilbert Arizona) gives away a refurbished Liscombe airplane.
Only 1500 Tickets are sold.
Tickets prices are:
Tickets Cost
1 $100
3 $250
6 $450
10 $600
Phone 480/650-0883

Look at http:/ They are showing a 1975 Beechcraft Sierra by selling 3,000 tickets for $50 each. They don’t seem to respond to emails about signing up for their newsletter. I would check it out throughly before purchasing any tickets from them!

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